Well Lenny's staying at the centre now - is too big to stay home. He's in an aviary with his sister...training not going too badly. Fingers crossed!

Weather's been crap lately...not been able to really train any of the birds at the centre. Bit of a bummer really, flying our own birds at the end of the day is a lot of fun. Bad weather also means shows won't go ahead, nor can we fly all the birds to our clients that we may otherwise do.

Today has been amazing though...in a weird kinda way.

I had a group of 10 for the whole day - parents and their kids. The parents were lovely...kids not so much. Did the usual bit of handling owls / falcons and flew three birds with them in the morning, and handled eagles, met the baby birds, fed the pelicans, condor and caracara with them in the afternoon. Lots of good fun as usual, but omg the afternoon flying....was put down to fly Levi, our Chilean Blue Eagle aka my favourite bird in the centre. He was on his hunting weight, so I knew he was gonna mess about and have himself some fun. But omg I have never had so much fun flying a bird in...like, ever. He was doing all these epic circuits and really enjoying the wind. I couldn't stop myself laughing from having fun so much, LOL!
Also got a £10 tip, which makes it even more worth it lmao. XD

In other news, I now have my own harris hawk. He's a 6 yr old boy called Taco. Little stunner, and a fast learner, too. Had him jumping to the glove on my 3rd day of having him, had him flying a good length of the arena by the 4th day. Of course, bad weather has meant I've not been able to get out there with him for a couple of days. Booo. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. <3


Uni-wise? All donnneee. Exams over, assignments all done. I'm freeeeee! 8D

Am off to Marsa Shagra (Egypt) again for two weeks, leaving on the 13th June. Excited, but would almost rather stay home and be with the birds...

May = Freedom Time...and I'm now a mother.

Seems like I only post here once a month now. I'll try to be more regular, lawl.

I am now free! Long story short, Uni lectures are over, all assignments are done, and I just have one more exam (On 31st May) to do. These past three years have totally flown by...

Went on a trip to Scotland with the Uni last week. Was a compulsory trip - had to collect data for & write up two assignments, while in Scotland, in a week. Crazy, crazy time. Fun, but sure tiring! x_x

Did one assignment on algae and one on limpets...had to do one on animals and one on plants haha. Most of the data was collected on shore, but we went out on a boat on the last day to do some trawling. Caught loads of awesome stuffs, recorded it, then re-released it. :D Boat was awesome, though. Saw gannets, guillemots, seals and porpoises. Epic!

Millport 01 Millport 02

With regards to the Falconry, I'm now working there full time. Two days off each week, and fun days at work. Awesome so far, fingers crossed it stays this way! Arran is not going to be a show bird...but instead he's been flying to clients on experience days. Woohoo, even better! He's still being a bit of a nutter (Ie, forgetting to let go of the glove on takeoff) but I guess he's a real character, lmao.

Oh, and also, I'm now a mummy. Am hand raising a turkmenian eagle owl for work. He's called Lenny - is now 7 weeks old, bouncing (and almost flying) around my house creating a big mess.
We originally thought he was a she, so called him Penny...the name soon changed, LOL!

2 weeks old on the left, 7 weeks old on the right.

Lenny 01 Lenny 02

Difference much? :O
He's easily doubled in size...and is still growing. Eek! <3


Wow, time sure goes fast.

Arran is no longer on a creance! Freed him on Friday, and he's doing super well. Aim is for him to be in shows, so fingers crossed! <3

More new babies have hatched at the centre; 3 more Turks and 4 more scops owls. We're gonna be overrun...

But aside from that, new birds have arrived. A mountain caracara (Pierre), two steppe eagles (Tuck and Marian), two black kites (Bonnie and Clyde) and a stunning, mature female bald eagle (Montana). She's 13yrs old and a beautiful addition to our eagle lawn. Before she arrived, we had no mature balds on display. Aspen, McCoy and Denver are all 3yrs and under; so they're still sporting their juvenile feathers. This new girl sure is a beauty.


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Aside from that horrible accident, everything else is going fine. Injuries are part of this job.

In more 'good news', the boss has ordered me a new bird to train.
I'm going to be getting my very own male lanner falcon! -faint-

The lanneret will be a youngster and will teach me just as much as I'll be teaching him. Excite! Now to think of what to call him...

Well now. This week has been interesting.

Did some training with Arran at the start of the week; still jumping but getting him faster and doing longer jumps. Just gotta get his reaction time up before he can start doing creance work!


Went through Uni - got some work done, handed an assignment in, found some papers, etc. Nothing new so far.

Then got a surprise text inviting me to a game dinner at the boss' house. Srsly woah. Was totally privileged to be invited, so totally said YES.

Gee. What a beautiful place he has and what a wonderful dinner he made for us! (Even though he cooked for an army - him and his daughter took the day off work just to cook for us all LOL!)
The evening was great. Awesome people and friends all having a good laugh. Then I got chatting to him and well...

I was offered a job. Full time job at the falconry. Not just volunteer work, not just the odd paid day, actual paid full time work. Wat.

So...long story short, I'm a full time apprentice falconer.

Still haven't taken this in yet. Omg.


The past few weeks and months have been both difficult and busy. Am currently in the process of doing 9 straight days of Uni/work without a break and it's knackering me out.

Shows have started up again now; the birds seem to be much happier for it. Love seeing them all fly; even if they don't do so well sometimes. We got a circuit out of the pelicans on Wednesday (For the first time ever!) and the falcons are being as awesome as always. Caught one of the falconers out on the first pass on Monday, haha! On another note, I'm actually taking part in shows now. Am only flying owls right now until I have more practise/know what I'm doing but it's not going too badly.

(Apart from yesterday when we had four owls out in the arena and every single one of them flew to me instead of their respective falconers. Four eagle owls flying at you is...interesting.)

The past few months haven't been so good hawk-wise. We thought it was bad when Ramsey went; now we've lost a total of 4 of our best hunters.
Austin had to be put down in the end because the infection in his foot had spread to the bone and...would have had to be amputated. A bird with one leg has no quality of life. The boss made the descision to have him put to sleep, but she asked us to 'bring him home' afterwards. Shakespear passed at the age of 14 due to a heart attack, but I'm just glad he was out in the field, on a hunt, where he belonged and so loved it. I'm so glad it happened the way it did; for his sake.
We lost Firkin yesterday, too. He'd been battling a nasty disease for the past couple of weeks; we suspect it was aspergilosis. He'd lost his voice, wasn't keeping food down or anything. Felt his keel and it was ridiculously sharp, so he'd obviously lost a lot of weight. He went in the night, but he was a real fighter.

Just hoping that all the other hawks make it through the last of the season, bless them.

In better news, Gemini is doing much better and is now back out in her aviary. Thanks goodness! It's always lovely to see birds really fighting for their lives.

New arrivals are here, too. A total of 3 Turkmenian eagle owls (The big white chicks) and 2 white-faced scops owls (The small grey chicks).

I've also got a beautiful owl called Arran to train now. He's 3 yrs old and he's a bit of a biter, but he's very adorable. Made his equipment and got him out of his aviary on Friday, am now feeding him off the fist and slowly dropping his weight.

Got him jumping for the first time today, so should hopefully get him doing the same tomorrow. Fingers crossed it'll all go well!


Oh hi, 2012

First journal this year? Thing have been pretty hectic.

Exams were at the start of the year. Went ok. Not excellent, but I think I've passed at least? Idk we'll see.

Stuff's been going on with the falconry. Lots of birds have been stood down for their winter moult, so there's less weighing and exercise flying to do each day which makes things a little easier. It means we have to do the maintenance jobs, but at least the place will look pretty for the public. So far, as a team, we've cleaned out the entire prep room and tool shed, given all the mews' a proper scrub-down, painted a load of fences and re-graveled the entire centre. The new staff car park is being built too; which will certainly make the place look neater. Now if only we can get the boys to keep the prep room clean... >:|

Bird wise...things have been happening. Two new rescue hawks have been brought in, Bodger and Noddy, and they're both being trained by their respective falconers. Being winter, two of the oldies have been victims to the cold. One of the old barn owls passed away at the old age of 22, and Gemini, a 24 year old falcon has been confined to the warm isolation block for the past week in hopes she'll recover. Austin was bitten by a squirrel on a recent hunting trip, and the infected wound meant he had to have a toe amputated. He's doing better now. The meds are doing their job.

And of course...Ramsey's gone now, too. No news, thus far.

But on a happier note. This is me flying Denver, the baby bald eagle. He's been teaching me how to fly eagles.

Also teaches me how hard he bites.


Hawking on Christmas Eve

Best. Day. Ever.

Ok so. Arrived at the centre at 8:30; weighed/fed/etc the birds and drove down to the old railway tracks to fly the hawks.We took 7 hawks out with us: Chef, Destiny, Floyd, Jamie, Ramsey, Shakespear and Sheen. The 'A Team', as it were. ;D

Walked down to the first bit of forest, did some beating and Sheen made his first catch ever! He caught a squirrel, woo! 8D

Got the hawks back onto the fist, walked them down to the downs above the tunnel and let them off over there. Nothing there, so called them back, walked them down to a lower patch of forest and let them off again. They chased two more squirrels and a hare, but didn't catch anything else. Was still uber fun though! Walking through all the trees with the hawks following on...wow. Total awesome. <3

Went back to the trucks, drove back to the centre, unloaded the birds. Got them all fed, got changed and went down to the pub for our meal. :D

I had turkey with all the trimmings and a loooverly chocolate dessert. Everyone was so lovely and kind, Phil (The boss) even bought me a drink. ;_; So kind of him! We all exchanged out secret santa presents after the meal andddd hugged each other anndd omg I'm going to SO miss seeing everyone over Christmas. D: *sobsobsob*

But today was brilliant. Totally looking forward to next year. <3
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Busy, busy times!

From this week until Christmas = super busy times. x_x

Am SO looking forward to Christmas, though. And am super excited for the falconer's day out on Christmas eve. Eeeee. <3

5th - Animal Behaviour lectures from 12pm-5pm
6th - Practical test in Mammalogy
7th - Project Supervision session, will get some Christmas shopping done afterwards.
8th - Poster presentations in Marine Biology
9th - Driving lesson, Marginal Value Theorem Assignment due
10th - Christmas Owl Night at the Falconry. Working from 8am-8pm.
11th - OMG  A DAY OFF.
12th-18th - Falconry Course
19th-21st  - Work from 8-5.
22nd - Taking family into the Falconry
23rd - OMG  A DAY OFF.
24th - Hawking with the guys and have a meal with all the other falconers. <3
25th - Omg Christmasss.

Will use my days off (And any spare time in between) to work on commissions, other arts, and to get presents for friends and family. c:


I think I must be allergic to something in my house.

I've had cold-like symptoms for like 6+ months which...only come on in the house. I don't have those symptoms outside of the house, in someone else's house or at work. Ever.

But when I'm at home, even just sitting around doing sweet F-A, my nose is runny, I have a cough and I sneeze lots. When I'm doing the dusting or replacing the sand in my lizard's terrarium, my nose and throat just go all CRAZY BLEGHHH on me.

I've tried doing all the crap you do for a cold but nothing works. I maybe get like 5 mins to an hour of relief and that's it. It doesn't stop me sleeping or functioning normally, it's just a bit of a pain in the butt.

Maybe I should go see the Doctor. But I can't really be assed with all that kerfuffle. Idek. D:

Advice plz? |D